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Best Tamales Houston 2000 - Berryhill Baja Grill

Berryhill Baja Grill

Berryhill Baja Grill

2639 Revere

Houston, TX 77098


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One of the last of Houston's old-time tamale men was an American Indian named Walter Berryhill. Dressed in a white jacket and top hat, Berryhill sold tamales from his pushcart in River Oaks. He rigged the cart with a propane burner in order to comply with health department regulations and kept selling tamales long after most tamale men had disappeared. Berryhill's tamale cart is now chained to a pole at the corner of Westheimer and Revere in front of Berryhill Hot Tamales. The tiny restaurant sells five kinds of tamales based on Walter Berryhill's recipes: beef, pork, chicken, bean and spinach. These unique East Texas tamales are made with cornmeal, and they have a Southern corn-bread stuffing flavor and a satisfying heaviness. The bean and spinach tamales are both vegetarian, made without any lard. The beef, pork and chicken tamales have lots of meat, and Berryhill's chili gravy is served on the side.

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I couldn't disagree MORE with this. Berryhills makes the sorriest, dry tamales I've ever eaten. I would gladly buy a foil sack of tamales from a sweet old mexican lady any day of the week.

bill smith
bill smith

Ate at the Berryhill's on Revere street the other day with my wife and boy have they gone downhill. Up until a couple of years ago the food was outstanding. My fish tacos were soggy as though they had been pre-made and my wife's tamales had very little meat compared to how they used to be. To top things off the service was not good. Sadly, I'm done with Berryhill's.