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Best Value Houston 2000 - La Vista

La Vista

La Vista

1936 Fountain View

Houston, TX 77057


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The regulars lined up outside this tiny sidewalk cafe don't want the secret to get out, but too bad. La Vista is too good to keep quiet. Not only are aptly prepared modern American, Italian and even south-of-the-border dishes offered at a fraction of what they could be, but this is also a BYOB restaurant. Anyone who enjoys a bottle of wine with dinner knows what that can do to a bill's bottom line. Here, you bring your own bottle (or jug or six-pack, for that matter) and let the perky hostess do the corking honors. With that detail out of the way, you can focus on the important task of deciding whether to splurge on the house specialty -- grilled beef tenderloin in a port wine, apricot and cherry sauce -- or the grilled pork chops in a brandy broth towering atop mashed sweet potatoes. These dishes, the most expensive on the menu, are only $15. Most Italian entrées, like the luscious ravioli with a creamy tomato-vodka sauce, are under $10. With prices like these, two can dine for under $36.
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