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Best Vegetarian Restaurant Houston 2000 - Madras Pavilion

Madras Pavilion

Madras Pavilion

3910 Kirby

Houston, TX 77098


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Unless they have chosen a vegetarian way of life, some people won't let anything green cross their lips. An easy way to see some of the magnificent things that can be done with vegetables is at the lunch buffet ($6.95 weekdays, $8.95 weekends) at Madras Pavilion. This vegetarian-only South Indian restaurant makes lentils lovable and beans bearable for even the die-hard meat-and-potatoes fan. Dishes change daily on the buffet but include such staples as basmati rice pulau, lentils in one form or other, various curries with potatoes, cauliflower and other veggies, a delicious paneer and chickpeas cooked in traditional spices. Favorite picks from the menu include a crispy, flaky samosa ($2.29) -- a kind of pastry pocket filled with a vegetable-potato mixture -- and various dosas ($5.99 to $6.99) which are thin, light crepes made from rice and lentil flour and filled with delectable ingredients, served with sambal, a spicy dipping sauce, and chutney.
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I've had great service at Madras when I've been with Jewish friends or with my son. But when I went with an Indian friend (from MADRAS, no less!), we were treated rudely and ignored. Take a look around ... you don't see many Indians eating here ... and certainly no dark-skinned, southern Indians. I wrote to the manager and complained about our treatment, but got no response. Well, I haven't been back since.