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Best Chinese Restaurant Houston 2001 - Chinese Café - CLOSED

Chinese Café

Chinese Café

9252-C Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77036


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Readers' Choice: Kim Son
This place is so authentic there's hardly any English on the menu. Plus, it's filled with Chinese people -- always a good sign when selecting an ethnic restaurant. Here we recommend the pork with snow pea leaves and the chicken and asparagus. We always order too much and say we'll never be able to eat it, but we've never needed a doggie bag. The place is so damn good you'll keep shoveling it in your mouth. The iced tea is served steaming hot, and you ice it down yourself. If you want ambience, go to P.F. Chang's, but if you want good food that won't cost you much more than a Happy Meal, this is your place.

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