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Best Local TV Commercials Houston 2002 - Soundwaves

You're not looking for slickness when it comes to local television ads. You're also not looking for rock-bottom cheapness, with one salesman shouting maniacally into an unmoving camera. Instead, you want to revel in the "Let's put on a show!" atmosphere where it looks like the advertiser's girlfriend and beer pals have gotten together, spun out some semblance of a script, and then enthusiastically headed for the bright lights of showbiz. And you ought to be able to see the absolute low-budgetness of it all: the difference between what the team thought they were getting on screen as opposed to the muddy-sounding, cheaply lit product they've had to settle for. And that's why no one beats the folks at Soundwaves. They are, simply, the Quentin Tarantinos of local TV ads.
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