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Best Place for Aspiring Writers Houston 2002 - Inprint

Got one of those must-be-told stories buried deep inside your soul? There's no place better for burgeoning writers to be these days than an Inprint class. There, some of Houston's finest authors (past instructors include award-winning novelists such as Farnoosh Moshiri, Gail Storey and Olive Hershey) will teach you everything you need to know about the craft of writing, from the basics of what makes a good story to the fine art of line editing. If poetry or essaying is your bag, Inprint's got that covered, too. Each writing workshop meets once a week for two months. During that time, you and 11 other aspiring writers (the classes cap off at 12) will meet for an evening of round-tabling over your work and theirs. And if you're a lucky, into-the-night hardworking writer, you just might come out with a piece that's polished enough to send out for publication.
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