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Best Bar Decor Houston 2003 - Leon's Lounge

Leon\'s Lounge

Leon's Lounge

1006 McGowen

Houston, TX 77002


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Even though the front bar at Leon's Lounge is hung with brilliant chandeliers, the place isn't what you'd call opulent. After all, the twinkling lights illuminate a sandy shuffleboard table. But the lounge's contradictions are what make it interesting. Its two back rooms couldn't be more different. One is dark, with a piano inside. The other is a brightly lit space dominated by a pool table and a blown-up picture of the now-deceased Leon posing with a boar. Its walls are cluttered with deer heads, ducks and horns, along with a not-to-be-missed watercolor print of a Native American riding a horse. You can't help but feel this room was old Leon's favorite.

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