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Best Cure for the Sunday Blues Houston 2003 - Sherlock's Pub

It's Sunday. The work week stretches ahead, and from this vantage point, it seems as endless as the universe itself. Piled on to the sense of doom is a sense of regret -- for having spent too much money, kissed an idiot or lost your cell phone over the weekend. You could go to bed early with a good book so you'd be all fresh and eager tomorrow. Or you could party on; after all, booze is the best cure for the Sunday blues. And the alcohol flows freely on Sundays at Sherlock's Pub. Treat your depressed self to $4 domestic pictures, $1.50 well drinks, $1.75 call drinks, $1.75 Shiner pints and $1.50 house wine. Best of all, there's free pool and live music all night long. In this economy, a good deal always pulls in a nice crowd, and folks flock to Sherlock's. If you drink enough, you might start believing it's still Saturday.

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