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Best Bar Games Houston 2004 - - CLOSED

5555 Morningside

Houston, TX 77005


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Brian O'Neill's So you're at an Irish pub knocking back a pint of Guinness, checking out the beautiful people of Rice Village, when all of a sudden you look at your buddy and say, "I'm gonna sink your battleship!" Well, you can at Brian O'Neill's, where they match great food and drink with your favorite games. They've got typical pub fare like darts and Golden Tee, but you can also chill with some checkers, chess, Connect Four (pretty sneaky, sis!), Jenga and Battleship. Whether you want to lounge inside on a sofa or get some fresh air on the patio, you'll have plenty of games to keep yourself entertained. Waitress, we'll have another round of Harps, buffalo wings and a chess board, please!

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