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Best Comic Book Store Houston 2004 -

6517 Westheimer Road

Houston, TX 77057


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Readers' Choice: Bedrock City Comic Company

Bedrock City Comic Company From 1940s superhero comics to underground Freak Brothers books to hot-off-the-press mainstream affairs, Bedrock City is the place to satisfy your inner geek. The folks there know how to treat customers, too. You can sign up for their subscription service and they'll hold copies of the latest issues for you at a discount. Plus, they don't mind if you browse through their extensive collection of graphic novels, manga and anime DVDs, T-shirts, limited-edition comic-character figurines, Star Wars action figures and movie posters. Bedrock also gets its share of collectors' issues -- they recently added Wonder Woman No. 1 (1942) to their inventory. Just picture it: Wonder Woman kicking Nazi ass!

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