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Best Place to Meet Single Women Houston 2004 -

6100 Main St.

Houston, TX 77005


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Valhalla Aren't you tired of chasing the mindless girls of the Downtown Carrie Bradshaw Impersonation Society only to discover that, when you finally catch one, she doesn't have anything to say? Well, take off your running shoes and rest those weary feet at the steps of studious Valhalla. Located in the basement of Keck Hall on the Rice University campus, the place is part beer hall and part Ivy League frat house, and it's great for meeting smart, single women. Sure, you might have to work a bit harder -- some of them may even be a touch out of your league, but then, who doesn't enjoy a challenge? And the 12-ounce cups of Shiner for under a buck mean you won't be out too much money at the end of the night. That's more than you can say for the Paris clones sipping froufrou drinks at your usual haunts.

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as a woman who frequents valhalla often - here's the honest truth - there's more than enough propositions for every woman at valhalla cuz the dick to chick ratio is frequently >10-20 and it's pretty annoying. I've had guys come over and try to pick me up just because i looked to one side of the bar to see if anyone was sitting there - that is how low the bar is for indicating "interested" to the non-regulars there. Guys looking for girls at V just disrupt the chill atmosphere. So if you want to have a nice convo, that's fine and what you'll get. But chances of getting laid are impossibly low, especially since your "challenge" probably has to get back to lab and do some more measurements at 1 am.  head to willy's instead and creep somewhere else.

ps - smh, houston press for encouraging the misogynistic attitude of women as "targets" for men to "conquer"