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Best Charity Houston 2005 - Shriners Hospitals for Children

Picking the best charity is harder than it sounds. What are the criteria: the condition of the recipients? The overall effectiveness? How the money is spent? Well, if you consider all of those, then Houston's Shriners Hospital just might be the best charity to donate to this year. The hospital provides free -- yes, free -- medical care to children suffering from major bone, joint and muscle problems. These include scoliosis, brittle bone disease, limb deficiencies and spina bifida, among many others. The staff includes orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic subspecialists and pediatricians, according to spokesperson Raquel Espinoza-Williams. Many of the city's finest private practitioners also volunteer their services to the 40-bed facility. Why? Because offering excellent medical care for free isn't cheap: Last year's tab was $18 million. Why not pony up your share?
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hi, I am writing about the little child I just visited in Pakistan, here is the story: the child was 6 months old when she got meningitis, she was in intensive care for a week, and then doctors released her, but the doctors were not well educated and the little girl were not treated well. when she got home, the child was crying all day and night and then the parents took her back to hospital to find whats wrong with her.then the doctors said she has a blood or water in her brain and has to go thru brain surgery. and then their parents took the little child to a surgeon. after the brain surgery, the surgeon destroyed the family lives, cause the surgeon was not expert, now that little child is 2 years old, the cause of surgery: she can't see, can't talk, can't hear, can't sit, can't walk. she can move herself but all the time someone should be with her to take care of her. their parents are not rich enough to support her and bring her to right doctor for right treatment, I am sure there is something for that little child and there must be some kind of treatment for that wrong surgery that made her paralyzed. I am trying to do my part to help that family to find the right hospital, doctor and charity or foundations who can support them. is there any way you help that little baby and support them thru their medical bills or find them right hospital and doctors or is there any other charity or foundations who can help them? to help that little child and get her back in her normal life, God bless. thanks and best regards. Edris Mir153-58 77th Ave.Floor 1Flushing, NY 11367Tell:1 917 379 0876.