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Best Head Shop Houston 2005 - Rock 'N Roll It

Rock \'N Roll It

Rock 'N Roll It

2456 Fm 1960 W.

Houston, TX 77068


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With the Houston 420 chain taking over this town, we searched far and wide for a head shop with quality selection, good prices and a friendly staff. (And we'll let you draw your own conclusions from that statement, thank you very much.) We found what we were looking for out on 1960, which isn't so surprising, really, when you consider how much smoke suburban kids toke. Rock 'N Roll It has just about everything a smoker needs: pipes, bongs, papers, vaporizers, dugouts, scales and clips. It's also got its fair share of extras, like beads, posters, stickers and T-shirts. But what we can't get enough of is the store's selection of inexpensive blown glass. All glass pipes break sooner or later, no matter how careful you are or how sturdy they're made, so you might as well buy yourself a cheap piece and puff away without worry. After all, that's what smoking's supposed to be all about. Smoke N' Toke, RIP.
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A really great smoke shop, nice customer service will help you find what ever your looking for. I would recommend it. huge selection and great prices!


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