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Best Karaoke Houston 2005 - The Proletariat

No, all karaoke nights are not created equal; some are populated by Houston's most shameless hipsters. Grooving on the irony of doing something as magnificently unhip as performing off-key renditions of hackneyed hits, members of the cooler-than-you set make just as big fools of themselves as we mere mortals when they get up to sing. Whether you're here to try out your own rusty pipes or just marvel at the sight of someone even geekier than Trent Reznor trying to sing a Nine Inch Nails tune, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.
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Karaoke has really been given a bad name by those who can't sing and don't try. Meaning, the one's that complain about off-key wailers, only complain because they were not blessed with the ability to carry any note whatsoever.. Truth is, that most karaoke singers are pretty good. There are however those few that sing that run rats and roaches out of the building. However, if you actually sit through an entire four hour show at "most" shows, you would realize just how much talent is actually out there!