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Best Late-Night Restaurant Houston 2005 - Late Nite Pie

It's late, and you're shit-canned. You need something to soak up all the booze in your belly so you can get home. Do yourself a favor and skip the drunken lovefest at "House of Guys." Instead, head to this seedy Montrose eatery. We love Late Nite Pie for the simple fact that the menu lists a pizza called the Stanky Whore covered in roasted garlic, anchovies and goat cheese. The garlic bread is to die for, and even traditional fare like the pepperoni and veggie pizzas are top-notch. You can also get a cold pitcher of Shiner. Here's a tip, though: Be extra-nice to the employees, and they won't be extra-rude to you. Some of those slackers think it's freakin' New York in there. If your pizza is taking too long, you can wax poetic with a Sharpie on the bathroom wall.
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the man
the man

great place, late hours make for pizza when its most needed. however, its packed, theres gonna be a wait.. overall tho, bar atmosphere, bartenders more that waiters, so expect that before you go and have a blast! the place has a great vibe most of time and sociable people are plentiful!