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Best Local TV News Houston 2005 - KTRK/Channel 13

While they definitely aren't the sexiest staff of journalists, and they don't have the eye-popping graphics and whiz-bang of the other stations, the veteran tried-and-true hands of KTRK consistently produce the best local newscasts overall. Staffed with a combination of virtual Houston landmarks that have been at the station longer than some of their competitors have been alive (Ed Brandon, Bob Allen, Doug Brown and Elma Barrera all started in the mid-'70s), along with capable newer faces, KTRK presents the news efficiently and succinctly, with no fuss and a strong local bent. The sometimes clownish antics of Don Nelson and Marvin "Slime in the Ice Machine" Zindler even have a kind of bizarre folksy charm. And rock-solid Dave Ward (who's been at the station since 1966) is the closest thing Houston has to Walter Cronkite. And that's the way it is.
Readers' choice: KPRC/Channel 2
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Wanda June
Wanda June

There was a nationwide art contest lately sponsored by Safeway and Lucerne Milk. (see lucerne cow contest on internet.) Out of 30 finalists nationwide, Texas had 3. One of them is a student at Clements High School in Sugar Land. Her lifesize cow (ala cow parade ) was on display at a local Randalls, but has now been returned to her school. I don't know how long it will be there before it is shipped to contest headquarters to be auctioned off. Seattle area newspapers covered their finalists, but I have seen nothing about our local artist. There is a $20,000. prize at stake for the school. Might be worth looking into.