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Best Local TV News Reporter Houston 2005 - Cynthia Hunt

We're not saying that it only takes a pretty face to be a good TV reporter. We're not saying that notorious "Railcar Killer" Angel Maturino Resendiz had anything other than Cynthia Hunt's austere professionalism on his mind when he sent her exclusive jailhouse letters that were ultimately subpoenaed for his trial. We're not saying it was one of the most bizarre moments in local broadcast journalism when the former University of Alabama homecoming queen donned a fat suit to show how rudely fat shoppers -- or at least shoppers in fat suits -- are treated. What we're saying is that people might forget that behind those down-home good looks lurks an actual reporter. She tracked down Charles Barkley when he was actin' the crybaby in seclusion; that interview aired on ESPN. She broke the story of an ersatz astronaut who bluffed his way into NASA. Her interview with Andrea Yates's family and her investigation into the their preacher wound up on Good Morning America. It's about time she was recognized for her reporting skills, and not just for how oddly good she looks in a fat suit. In August, Hunt resigned from KPRC to become an "independent television and video producer," general manager Steve Wasserman told the Houston Chronicle. Cynthia, we hardly knew ye!
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What? Why don't you foster a child who is a victim of SBS, visit the hospital sometime, or talk to an ER doc. Guarantee you you'll swallow those words.


Could someone do an unbiased report on Shaken Baby Syndrome? It has never been scientifically proven but it remains as a theory supported by confessions of alleged suspects. There are several new studies challenging the theory and even Dr. Caffrey who is considered one of the founders of the theory had concerns as early as 1965 in which he felt innocent parents could suffer and be falsely accused.

I know of several instances in which this seemed to occur. We need to protect children but also hav a better balabnce in ensuring the science we are using to convict people is not going to continue helping incarcerate innocent parents. How can anything be wrose than losing a child? It can and does get worse when an innocent parent is convicted...when they are innocent.

I have contacts with Judges, Medical Examiners, Biomechanical Engineers, Anti-Vaccine activists/educators, Attorneys, innocent parents and Forensic Pahtologist as well as Toxicologist willing to share their knowledge of the subject.

Thank you and Kindest Regards,