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Best Magazine Selection Houston 2005 - Brazos Bookstore

Brazos Bookstore

Brazos Bookstore

2421 Bissonnet

Houston, TX 77005


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Has this ever happened to you? You head over to a huge magazine rack at a supermarket and are confronted with yards and yards of magazines, and every single one of them sucks. About one in five features the same celebrities; it's a sea of TomJenAngelinaBradTaraParis. And then most of the rest of them are narrowcasted toward hobbyists: Gun Psycho Monthly, Knitter's Illustrated, Scrapbooker's Gazette. That's not the case at Brazos Bookstore, where the relatively small magazine section contains a plethora of civilized magazines, journals and periodicals, both from the United States and abroad. So whether you're looking for your copy of Harper's, Mudfish, The Believer or Adbusters, Brazos has you covered. Just don't go in there asking for Motorhead Bikini Babes Quarterly.
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