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Best Nonprofit Houston 2005 - Houston Food Bank

For more than 20 years, the Houston Food Bank has been distributing millions of pounds of food annually to those in need. Efficiency counts for more than glitz, and the bank doesn't stop with just handling food donations; chefs and nutritionists give their time to help kids and indigent families learn about healthy meals and snacks. Covering an 18-county territory and providing help to organizations that assist abused women and kids, the elderly and the forgotten, the Houston Food Bank has quietly and consistently been a glowing part of the Houston charitable community.
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John Doe
John Doe

CelticStorm - it is true the Houston Food Bank sells the food to its agencies as you say. Do you know how much the food bank sells the food for? About .08 a pound....often times less.

End Hunger is a great organization that prepares gourmet style meals for the hungry. Much of what end hunger is able to do is because they have multi-millionaire board members who provide funding from their own pocketbooks and the donations of their friends.

You have to be able to make money to take care of your staff and your processes.

Both of those organizations do a ton of good in a city that is covered in hunger problems.

Please be sure to get your facts straight.


When you donate to the Houston Food Bank, they turn around and sell your food to the very churches and food pantries that give to the hungry. Remember that when you are donating to their many food drives!!!! Stick your donations in the red oil drums instead - at least End Hunger Network gives the food away for FREE to a food pantry in the area!!!!!

george arthur sr
george arthur sr

why? is there no place on the east side of harris county for us disabled people to get to the food bank. no body can tell us .