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Best Pho Houston 2005 - Van Loc - CLOSED

Van Loc

Van Loc

3010 Milam

Houston, TX 77006


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You know the drill. Semi-fatty discs of medium-rare beef stewed with chicken broth, pork bits and glass noodles in a steaming bowl as big as your head. You're eating pho -- the incomparable Vietnamese soup that'll make you wonder aloud why those cartoon kids on the Campbell's cans look so friggin' happy. For real bite, throw in a few of the fresh jalapenos that come with the pho at Van Loc. Soup is good food, to be sure. Adventurous eaters choose to add tripe.
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NEVER eat at Van Loc's, regardless of whether the food tastes good or not. I kept convincing my husband to go, even though he pointed out the dirty floors and other nauseating points. Nauseating, to me now that I know better! After eating here I was sicker than I had ever been from food poisioning. I had a fever for 3 days, a sore throat from throwing up so much, and on the second day every time I stood up I thought I was going to pass out and got cold and clammy. Bottom line, they have a dirty kitchen. I have already let them know, and now I'm letting you know.