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Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans Houston 2005 - Taft Street Coffee House

Ah, the rich caramels. The hints of chocolate, the earthy aromas and the lingering taste of exploited labor. As so many addicted Houstonians know, a good cup of coffee can be a lifesaver. But what about the extreme poverty suffered by plantation pickers? FairTrade labeling organizations and the high-minded folks at Taft Street Coffee want your cup of joe to be guilt-free. Serving only FairTrade, organic coffees roasted right here in Houston by Katz Coffee, Taft Street is putting its business principles where its mission-oriented mouth is. And the beans aren't suffering for the distinction. Deeply satisfying strains of Guatemalan, Sumatran and blended coffees are yours for the picking at $11 per pound -- without that guilty aftertaste.
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S. Cottrell
S. Cottrell

A small group of us attend Sunday Mass at St. Anne\\\'s Church,Shepherd and Westheimer. We are looking for a placeto have breakfast but they MUST SERVE KATZ COFFEE.Do you have any ideas, say within 4 or 5 miles from St.Anne\\\'s? North, South, West or East, just MUST SERVEKATZ COFFEE.

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