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Best Pupusas Houston 2005 - El Cuscatleco Cafeteria

If there is a little El Salvador in Houston, it's on Bissonnet. Hell, there's a "Little Everywhere" along that endless stretch of road. Several pupusarias coexist in the 6000s or so, but this one ranks the highest with its yummy little Salvadoran street snack, the pupusa. The hole-in-the-strip-mall El Cuscatleco serves pupusas hot and fresh off the griddle, stuffed with a white cheese that oozes when you bite into it. At $1.65 each, they're cheap, and they'll fill you up fast. If you spice them up with the large plastic jug of curtido (a spicy pickled cabbage condiment) on your table, make sure you have something cold to drink. And maybe a breath mint.
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Marvin Corea
Marvin Corea

Thanks for the comment! Make sure you take advantage of the online special: Save 10% off your entire order by printing the menu and bringing it to the one of the restaurants.

Visit or to download the menu.

Thank you for considering the best pupusas in Houston!

Gus Shamrock
Gus Shamrock

You bet. Try hot breakfast Combo. which includes Papusas, Heuvos Ranchero ( actually it is two eggs over easy with special sauce, beans ( top of the world) and bananas with white cream and a piece of traditional cheese. It heaven.... go try it and it is not expensive. You may also pick up a tall cold glass of Horchata to go as well.


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