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Best Rapper Houston 2005 - Devin the Dude

Who is Mike Jones? Who cares? Devin the Dude's the rapper who matters most round these parts, a vintage-Cadillac-drivin', blunt-smokin', Bud-drinkin', bitch-runnin' fool who also happens to be a hilarious, stone-cold genius. Devin's the rare rapper who never boasts in his rhymes -- instead, he just lays out his life and those of the alter egos he inhabits, which run the gamut from the perpetually smashed Cooter Brown to the weed-fiending space alien Zeldar to the well-meaning but ignorant redneck in "R&B." A true hip-hop artist in a town brimming with aspiring corporate rappers, Devin is this city's John Coltrane, and they're nothing but a bunch of Kenny Gs.
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Roderick Garrett
Roderick Garrett

Much respect to Devin the Dude but there is some new Flavor around Texas. R.E.G is soon to be the Best Rapper.His Album will be finished this summer and the Houston Press will want to exclusive with R.E.G SOON.