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Best Shish Kebab Houston 2005 - Cafe Lili

Cafe Lili

Cafe Lili

5757 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77057


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Three different kebabs are available here: beef, chicken and kafta. The beef and kafta are the best. All are served with a rice pilaf, pita bread and hummus or a salad. The skewered beef kebab has small cubes of prime filet interspersed with onion. The chopped raw onions and cilantro, which sit on top of the kebab, add additional tastes, but the real flavor comes from the flame charbroiling the meat undergoes. The meat is so tender, there's hardly a need to chew it. The kafta kebab consists of minced beef mixed with parsley and onion, which imparts a wonderful flavor. The combination is then hand-formed around the skewer. Flame charbroiling creates a crispy exterior and a soft and tender interior.
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The food was good but one of the dishes was overcooked. We returned it and the management stated that it was not overcooked (they said that is how they make that dish, but he never tried the dish we had but just said this is how we make it). We ate that dish there before and it wasn't the same. We offered to pay for the rest of our meal, but the management stated that we either pay the whole meal (i.e. it doesn't matter what customers taste basically, I guess) or don't pay at all. The management would not adjust the item on the bill for that one dish (which from my point of view doesn't make sense..don't they want people to have a good meal and enjoy it, then come back ?) The mother/owner came and said we returned it after we were full (which was really rude by the way. Don't people take food home when it isn't overcooked and eat it then ?). We wanted to pay for the rest of our meal but found these people completely inflexible (why wouldn't you admit that maybe something was overcooked ? It has been known to happen in the world of cooking), so we left and do not intend on returning. I think if you are a customer you really don't want to go to a place that has no people skills, does not really care about customers, is rude to you and refuses to admit that different people have different tastes. I have to say that since Houston offers so many choices in mediteranean food you are better off going somewhere else if you want to have a pleasant dining experience.