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Best Sports Talk Houston 2005 - Rich Lord and Mark Vandermeer

Helming the drive-time slot at SportsRadio 610, hosts Rich Lord and Charlie Pallilo boasted the best sports show in town for several years. The two Northeast natives brought a worldly perspective to pro sports and the issues surrounding it, especially when the topics fell to race and culture. Lord was easygoing, Pallilo was smarmy, and the two just worked. So it was a disappointment when Pallilo jumped ship for Clear Channel's new concept The Sports Animal (790 KBME) last year. SportsRadio 610 floundered briefly, but when Lord was paired with midday host Mark Vandermeer, who's also the radio voice of the Houston Texans, there was instant rapport and chemistry. The cocky Vandermeer brings a younger, more pop-culture-oriented perspective and ups the hip quotient, while Lord continues to keep it real. The result is a fresh, authoritative and entertaining show.
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Rich, I am a big Vince Yong fan (and I guess yours too) and have been since his high school days. However I don't believe he has done anything last year or so far this year to rid the monkey on his back about his throwing. In high school it was either rare back and throw a bomb to Cortney Lewis or he ran for 40 yards. I am sorry to say his stats last year were terrible. As much as I like him, I did not realize until a friend brought it to my attention that no one ever goes to a game to see him throw. He is always seen as a runner. All of a sudden it is "Vince" winning when he throws for 78 yards, runs in from 2 yards and a 47% rating or He came within a few points of beating the Colts or "He" lead the Titans to an 8 and 8 season. Truth is, I am afraid, He was the offense at UT but the Titans have won "inspite of" Vince Young and usually (as Sunday) due to their defense and running game. They beat the Ravens last year and the offense scored 3 points. Come on, any college QB can stand and hand the ball off. When the Ravens won there Superbowl, I never heard one reporter say how good their QB was and he had better numbers than VY. I love his athletic ability but I am afraid that if he does not improve his passing, I don't know how long he can survive hoping the running game will win games. He was the 2nd lowest rated QB in the league last year. Don't be so hard on people who point out the truth about his numbers. This is what a QB will ultimately be judged on. Didn't see many people jumping for Trent after his stay with the Ravens. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your show.