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Best Tattoo Artist Houston 2005 - Tiger John

Practically a living legend in the world of tattoos and piercing, Tiger John is a big enough authority to have spoken at the Houston Public Library on the history of tattoos and related health issues. Rather than opting for cookie-cutter stencil work like so many "artists" out there, Tiger John makes one-of-a-kind designs that exhibit the work of a true artist. His eye for detail is astonishing, especially when we look at his flash of Celtic images, intricate patterns composed of endless interwoven knots. Asian images are shaped and poised in just the right way to accent and compliment the contours of your body (a skill that is an art form within an art, really). His work might cost a bit more than some random joint in a strip mall, but it's folly to bargain-shop for something that will adorn your body even after death.
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Scorpios Tat Toos
Scorpios Tat Toos

this is scorpio an I'm lookin for you my cell is 386-559-3135

Mark Berman
Mark Berman

Is Dragon Mike your dad????If so please e-mail me. Last I heard he was in Vegas. He's done a lot of work for me and I'm going to Vegas in hopes he's still there....