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Best Tech Geek Houston 2005 - Jay Lee

Jay Lee, Houston Chronicle Help Line columnist and co-host of KPFT/90.1 FM's Technology Bytes, makes understanding the oft-frustrating wired world of computers possible for even the most basic of users. Lee's strength is in his simple instructions and advice. But if you want to get hard-core, he can also out-geek any challenger on the methods of machinery. Lee first became interested in computers in high school in 1978 with a Tandy TRS-80 (that sleek design, the sensuous hot buttons...oh, wait, we're talking about a machine here...), but he didn't own his first system until the late '80s. "It didn't work when I took it out of the box, but I was able to sort it out myself. That's when I knew I had a knack for computer troubleshooting," he says. Lee notes that spyware is now the "single most common cause of computer performance problems today" and preaches with the zeal of Jimmy Swaggart in a whorehouse about the urgency to back up, back up and back up your computer's data and files.
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I downloaded some help from Microsoft web site and I also received "QuickShare" from Linkury, Inc..It's causing all kinds of problems with Internet explorer 11.  I've tried uninstalling it but to no avail.  I've read where I need to download a "computer fix" program but I'm afraid to even try to download anything else.  My security system Microsoft Security Essentials and it's run daily with no detections of problems. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the QuickShare program? Thank you.


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