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Best 15 Minutes of Fame Houston 2006 - Will Makar, American Idol Also-Ran

Wholesome Will Makar of The Woodlands was cut from utterly different cloth than Katy?s Kimberly Caldwell, the only other local Idol contestant to make it to the late-stage TV rounds of the show. Where Caldwell was the type of bad girl you?d bribe your son to dump, Makar was the type of guy you pray your daughter brings home from school. In Simon Cowell's book, he wrote that Caldwell engaged in Rick James-type sexcapades -- a threesome at the Idol mansion with Trenyce and Paula Abdul's alleged paramour and very busy stud Corey Clark. Makar, on the other hand, was vanilla enough to make James Taylor seem like James Brown on stage, and he listed Michael Bubl? as one of his favorite performers. And then there was the matter of singing talent: Clark had some, and Makar didn't. Sometimes life ain?t fair.
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