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Best Adult Video Store Houston 2006 - Adult Video Megaplexxx

Readers' Choice: Eros 1207
That's right, Megaplexxx. With three Xs, you know you're getting the real deal. We're talking a purported 100,000 movies, eight private viewing rooms and nine 63-channel arcades. We're talking a cornucopia of porn ? a "pornucopia," if you will. They've got hot new releases, cheap used videos and classics, and there's always a good sale going on. You like amateur videos? They've got 'em. MILFs? Check. Tranny delight? You betcha. Interracial? Don't even get us started. Basically, if it's legal, it's for sale, along with a nice little selection of toys and lingerie. It's one-stop shopping! Fun for the whole family! Er, wait, scratch that...
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gus an online website that sells and distribute adult toys / dvd's / lotions&lubricants / sex furniture / lingerie. Over 30,000 products in stock. Best seller right now is the "Blue Dolphin".