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Best Bang for the Buck Houston 2006 - Shri Balaji Bhavan Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Shri Balaji Bhavan Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Shri Balaji Bhavan Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

5655 Hillcroft St.

Houston, TX 77036


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Bang doesn't really do it justice. It's more like kaboom! An explosion of sambar masala piquancy attracts crowds to Balaji Bhavan faster than moths to a blaze. Devotees of a good chole (chick peas in tomato sauce), rasam (a thin soup with tamarind) and rava masala dhosa (a crepe stuffed with seasoned tomatoes and onions) will find the heat complemented with a full bouquet of spices, usually for less than the price of an Extra Value Meal at McDonald's. Almost everything on the menu at this South Indian joint is under $5. The excellent dal fry with chapati -- a dal mixed with aromatic ajwain spice cooked in oil -- is only $2.99. The breads are always freshly made, and they come free with many dishes. The ever-popular Madras thali, a plate of seven delicious items served on a stainless-steel platter, is $4.99, probably the best lunch deal in the city.
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I am an American married to an Indian and I must say the food is very authentic. This place is frequented by mostly the natives and that usually is a good indication. The food is not only pipping hot and delicious, but its also ridiculously cheap. Try the Madras coffee (served in the typical south Indian style of a tumbler & a bowl) or an amazing Chai for just $0.79 ! Everything on their menu is less than $3-4 and portions are quite big.

The place has regular south Indian fare like dosas, idlis, upmas but also specializes in Chaat stuff as well as other Indian fast foods. I highly recommend the Special Thali (which is big enough for two people to eat) or the Madras Thali($4.99). My wife tells me that the Chaat here tastes a lot like she had it in Mumbai. I highly recommend the place.

PS : The food here tends to be on the hotter side for Americans, but you can ask them to tone it down.


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