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Best Blues Club Houston 2006 - Monroe's Gallant Knight Club

Whether Cynthia's dishing out some delicious Malibu punch or it's Big Bass serving up some funk-dafied bass thump, we're in love with the Gallant Knight. A gem in the middle of Medical Center dullness, the Gallant Knight has been helping kids and doctors get their blues on for more than 35 years. Go there on a Saturday night, and even if you're totally white-bread, you'll immediately forget all your honky troubles and start to feel a little rhythm in your feet. But don't get too carried away there, bud. Don't want to mess up the loafers.
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I have not beenthere since about 1984. Is it still iea jazzy club. And is m. Monroe still there?

Sharon hulse
Sharon hulse

My father has happily retired to spend time with his family.