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Best Chinese
Fast Food Houston 2006 - Chinese Cafe - CLOSED

Chinese Cafe

Chinese Cafe

9252-C Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77036


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If the prospect of eating another bland box of Chinese-American takeout gives you a moo goo gai panic attack, then here's a fresh idea: real Chinese fast food in the heart of Chinatown. Near the long, spare counter, back-lit photos depict an assortment of dishes that are often vegetable-centric, well spiced and refreshingly free of glop. When the veggie's in season, the chicken with pea shoots -- a light, saucy dish with a hint of ginger -- is superb. The unique "eggplant with fish flavor" comes soft and bathed in chile oil. And the steamed whole tilapia fish with green herbs on top is an ever-popular favorite with the predominately Asian clientele; try it with tofu and a spicy sauce, if you want something heavier. The decor is clean and spare, the tea from a dispenser is free, and the service is brisk. It's a perfect spot for a quick meal, and well worth the drive to get there.
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Hmmm, last time I went here, there were rat droppings in the Spicy Chicken! My wife just about threw up and I admit I got a little queasy myself.

The quality and taste of this place has changed dramatically (for the worse) in the past 10 years. So much so that we don't go there anymore and our bank does'nt order lunch from them anymore. That's too bad because this used to be our favorite place and the food was awesome. They changed their sauces quite a bit to where it does'nt have that same kick anymore.