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Best Chinese Restaurant Houston 2006 - Fung's Kitchen

Fung\'s Kitchen

Fung's Kitchen

7320 Southwest Fwy

Houston, TX 77074


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Readers' Choice: Yao Restaurant and Bar
The steamed scallops in garlic sauce at Fung's are exquisite -- probably because the scallops are still alive when you order them. The shellfish come to the table barely cooked and attached to the shell and lovingly decorated with chopped garlic. Chef and owner Hoi Fung adheres to the culinary aesthetic of his native Hong Kong, where the belief is that fresh seafood should be served simply. A little ginger and scallion is all the sauce you'll need on the snow crab, lobster and ling cod that you see swimming around in the aquariums near the front door. The live seafood items are the best things there, but they don't come cheap. If you don't like seafood, order something else from the 400-item menu. Chef Fung comes from an illustrious Chinese family that has produced many famous chefs, and this is Chinese fine dining, not cheap eats.
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I eat out a lot in different Chinese restaurants. Fung's Kitchen always provide consistent services and food for a moderate price. Keep up the good work.


My wife & i try out Fung's Kitchen not too long ago (June 2007) b/c we thought it was on Houston Press "BEST OF 2006" list but the food was below par. In addition, the prices were outrageous in comparison to many other Chinese restaurants around town. We are never coming back. I've used Houston Press' Best Of list in the past with great success but this time i think they got it wrong.


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