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Best Doughnuts Houston 2006 - Shipley Do-Nuts

Readers' Choice: Shipley Do-Nuts
Maybe it's because the shops were born right here in Houston. Maybe it's because it's still a family-run business and there really is a Mr. Shipley who oversees the 200 or so company-owned and franchised stores. Maybe it's because Shipley's hasn't changed its recipe much in more than 70 years. Whatever it is, these folks know how to make a great doughnut. Whether it's plain or glazed that makes you salivate, iced or sugar-dusted, cream or jelly-filled that populate your daydreams, Shipley's has a doughnut you can't resist.
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Ken Rudine
Ken Rudine

I was there when Mr. Shipley made his first do-nut and they are still the same today. I just read the Adkins site about a franchise and found an error. That site says their first location was on White Oak Drive and 6th street which are two names for the same street. The first Shipley Do-nut store was in the 2900 block of Michaux Street. I was born and raised in the 1000 block of East 7th Street in 1931. When Wolfe's Cleaners moved out of a location there, Mr. Shipley and his daughter (my age) lived in the 900 block of Euclid. My mom would send me to buy do-nuts from Mr. Shipley the he made, himself. Ken Rudine