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Best Korean Restaurant Houston 2006 - Arirang Restaurant

Arirang Restaurant

Arirang Restaurant

9715 Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77036


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Korean barbecue is an after-hours tradition. You wind up a long night of partying by gathering your gang around a grill set in the center of a large table, and everybody takes turns cooking. Favorite meats are bulgogi and wang galbi -- marinated steak and marinated boneless short-rib meat. Arirang's advantage over Houston's other Korean restaurants is a picnic-grove motif and a two-story interior. It's not only a clever design, it's also uniquely suited for indoor grilling -- the smoke and grease from the grills have plenty of room to rise. The grills aren't lit at lunchtime, but there are some great deals on bento boxes and buckwheat noodles at midday.
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How you guys can call this a real Korean restaurant is beyond me. It's a Korean restaurant located in Chinatown?

I've been there and the food is only average. The service, even worse, and the prices so so.

For really good Korean food, stay out of Chinatown and go to Koreatown near I-10 and Long Point.