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Best Late-Night Restaurant Houston 2006 - Katz's Deli & Bar

Katz\'s Deli & Bar

Katz's Deli & Bar

616 Westheimer St.

Houston, TX 77006


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Readers' Choice: Katz's Deli
Rude waiters who keep forgetting the pickles, obnoxious drunks at the bar and lousy, overpriced sandwiches -- is this an authentic New York deli, or what? We always order a salad plate with chopped liver or egg salad, a stack of fresh rye bread and some pickles -- and then we make our own sandwiches. It's hard to mess up that order. "Katz's never kloses," as the slogan goes and, thanks to the Montrose location, you can see an extremely wide cross-section of humanity there at three o'clock in the morning. As far as people-watching in the wee hours goes, this is as wild as it gets.
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Apparently, you haven't been to Kenny & Ziggy's????? THAT is a deli!


i was shocked by some of your other best of restaurant picks but this one takes the cake. my vote is for mai's, taqueria la tapatia, or smith and wollensky's.


I agree with Richard's comment, though I have been twice in the last year and will not be returning. The food is pricey yet terrible, and the service is poor to say the least. Our waitor was rude and inattentive. We had spagetti and meatballs- a simple dish that they managed to ruin. The sauce was bland and watery, and the meatball had little to no flavor and was partially cold! Oh, and to top it off- no free refills if my memory serves me correctly. One member of our party ended up paying over $10 for his glass of soda, which was mostly ice. Skip this one, guys. They must be riding on a name alone.


How you guys can recommend this year after year is beyond me. Are they paying you to say good things about them? The food is horrible. So much so that I have'nt been back there in 15 years!