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Best Nan Houston 2006 - Khyber North Indian Grill

Khyber North Indian Grill

Khyber North Indian Grill

2510 Richmond Ave.

Houston, TX 77098


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You can hear the slaps as soon as you walk in the door. The thuds emanate from behind the counter of Khyber North Indian Grill, where a chef painstakingly pounds dough into plate-size discs, which are then toasted in a tandoor oven. Out they come, steaming, delicately crisp on the surface and pillow-fluffy inside -- the perfect nan. By the time they arrive at your table wrapped in tissue and freshly buttered, they've completely stolen the show. Over the past decade, owner Mickey Kapoor's cuisine has been lauded for its "modern sensibility" and lambasted for being "Americanized." (In his defense, his restaurant is a favorite of British expats. And as any foodie can tell you, Brits know Indian food like we know Tex-Mex.) But the nan-- never greasy, soggy or too crispy -- has garnered universal praise. Whether stuffed with onions, pistachios or just served plain, Kapoor's breads -- like his kooky messages on Khyber's marquee ("Our karma will run over your dogma") -- are just plain addictive.
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