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Best Psychic Houston 2006 - Sean Harribance

Every month, a dozen people gather at the Sugar Land house of psychic Sean Harribance for a potluck lunch and a day of exploring the paranormal. Somehow, with no planning or coordination, it always seems like there's just the right amount and variety of food. Is it the triumph of psychic waves, or mere coincidence? Well, if you believe the former, you'll love Harribance. During a reading he might go into a trancelike state; sometimes he'll snap out of it and immediately start talking like your best friend. Harribance says he's spoken with every living president except the current Bush in the White House ? and look how things are going for him. Come on down to Sugar Land, Dubya, and get a dose of Harribance! Don't forget to bring a covered dish.
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Kathie Masten
Kathie Masten

I would like to know the next pot luck date. I have a friend in Arizona that also has visited with you. I would like to plan a trip with her to see you. Thanks