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Best Radio News Houston 2006 - KTRH/740 AM

There's really no competition in this category. While many other radio stations have "news departments" or an assortment of programs, KTRH remains the gold standard. With a mixture of original local reports, locally based talk show hosts (Sam Malone, Deborah Duncan, Chris Baker) and selected national programs, KTRH's coverage of Houston is deep and well rounded. KTRH is the first (and only) place on the dial to go for Astros coverage and weather emergencies, proving particularly valuable and informative during Hurricane Rita. Finally, its morning team of Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard has an amazing chemistry and vocal cadence, delivering a brisk summation of the day's top stories during the all-important morning commute hours.
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Ray Donnell
Ray Donnell

I heard a commercial on Randy's show about a concrete topping company. What is the name of that advertiser? Thanks Ray


Chris,I am a freight pilot departing Corpus daily in a Cessna 310 for Houston Hobby at 5:25 PM. I tune you in on the ADF at 7000 Feet and listen intently (between ATC calls) until it gets really busy just outside of Sugarland.

I would call your program and check in on the cell phone but contrary to Flight 93 data, cell phones do not work well above 1800 feet.

If you would like a flight to Corpus I usually have an empty right seat and you are more than welcome to join me.

Keep up the good work .....and BTW ..... Kay Bailey Hutchinson voted For THE dream act. Perhaps she NEEDS to retire and forget about a Governor's spot.

JM JohnsonPilot(713) 419-2330

Cheryl Lee
Cheryl Lee

Chris Baker,Did you know they finally removed "In God We Trust" off thenew dollar coin?Cheryl


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