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Best Religious Leader Houston 2006 - Joel Osteen

One part egomaniac, one part friendly next-door neighbor, Joel Osteen preaches a positive-vibes-only brand of nondenominational Christianity that's helped his membership grow exponentially in the past few years. Although we don't appreciate the unholy amount of traffic Lakewood's services bring to Highway 59 every weekend, we do appreciate the lack of fire, brimstone and sexual scandal that tends to accompany most other people looking to save your soul. Besides, it's only fitting that the largest church in the United States would reside in the most Texas-sized, morality-be-damned city in the state.
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Eduardo Melgoza
Eduardo Melgoza

I never liked the "man" after he made those comments about Jesus, that helps justify his "rich" lifestyle, that the Houston Press printed. I don't see him taking a stand on anything, because, in my opinion, there's lots of membership money at stake. A religious leader, not even close lol, but rather, a true snake oil salesman, who tells you everything you want to hear. If he ever starts taking a stand on his belief or whatever it is that he believes concerning homosexuality, divorce, non-christian people, etc., trust me, the numbers will change, because unfortunately, it costs alot of money to keep a stadium running, and rivers of gold flowing. Ill still haven't replaced the cross with a "giant" flat screen t.v.