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Best Soul Food Restaurant Houston 2006 - This Is It! Soul Food and Catering

Readers' Choice: This Is It!
You walk through the door, and no one seems particularly glad you came. You stare at all the amazing choices on the menu while they wait and sigh. You ask for pepper steak, and they give you meatballs. You ask for macaroni, and they say, "Yams it is!" But because they're the undisputed champ, and because any item you end up with from the This Is It! menu is going to be the best soul food in Houston, hands down, we'll grant them a little arrogance. Just be sure to pile on the gravy.
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Sorry but This is IT! has long been knocked off of its pedestal. The attitude has worn very thin. The surly steam table ladies just don't seem to get it. They're way too cranky for their own good. Miki's Soul Food on W. Bellfort at 59S is so much better. Go for the peppery smothered pork chops, mustard greens, sweet potatoes, or mac-and-cheese. You get good cornbread to boot. You can easily get a minimum of 2 meals out of the servings that Miki's doles out. Outstanding food. The oxtails are killer too!