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Best Sports Hairdo Houston 2006 - Gary Kubiak

An NFL coach's hair says a lot about him. Does he sport a pretty-boy tousled look, such as Tampa Bay's John Gruden (a reflection of youthful flashiness)? How about a NASCAR-crew mullet, ? la Tennessee's Jeff Fisher, reminding everyone that a good ol' boy can survive despite a 4-12 season? Examining the grooming habits of first-year Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak, one finds a meticulous attention to detail and a sense of efficiency and precision. Ah, but there's a little flair, by way of gelled-up spikiness, too. Does his hairstyle -- precise, methodical and stylish -- point to what we can expect from his high-powered offense of complex zone blocking schemes, laser-precise passing routes and a little hotdogging via wide receivers and running backs? Time will tell, but we're guessing this is one coach who won't be pulling his hair out this season.
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