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Best Wings Houston 2006 - Jazzie Cafe - CLOSED

Jazzie Cafe

Jazzie Cafe

1221 W. 19th St.

Houston, TX 77008


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Readers' Choice: Buffalo Wild Wings
"Jazzie Cafe Famous Hot Wings and Po-Boys," reads the sign on top of the newly painted red, blue and yellow building on 19th Street near Beall. And if they're not famous yet, maybe they will be someday. Jazzie's sweet-hot chile chicken wings are coated with a thick sauce that tastes like a combination of oranges, hoisin and Vietnamese ground chiles. They aren't served with celery and blue cheese dressing, and with these Asian flavors, fried rice would probably be a better accompaniment, anyway. And the staff can fix you up with all the fried rice you need: There are three kinds on the menu, along with poor boys, gumbo and boudin. This sort of Cajun-Asian fusion comes naturally to owner Beth Nguyen, a Louisiana Vietnamese-American who opened Jazzie Cafe after she realized she wasn't going back to New Orleans anytime soon. There are two tables and a walk-up counter inside the tiny establishment, but mostly people stop by and pick up their wings and poor boys to go.
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Oh, and did I mention the yakamein. Do yall Houstonians even know what that is? Go to Jazzie Cafe and find out.


Hey, I'm from New Orleans and am only here in this dreaded city secondary to Katrina. Anyway, I went to Jazzie Cafe on 9/20/2007 after a co-worker told me about it. The have the best po boys I have had in 2 years (since the storm). These people in Houston CAN NOT COOK!!! Papadeaux's is awful,the gumbo comes with a thick gravy for mashed potatoes, not a roux!! Does anybody out here actually know what a "roux" is? New Orleans Cajun Kitchen near the Med Center is a mess. Anybody from the NO knows you don't put ground meat and chili powder in red beans!! If you can't cook it right, please people STOP PUTTIN NEW ORLEANS ON IT. Thank ya baby.