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Best Antiques Store Houston 2007 - Antique Warehaus

Antique Warehaus

Antique Warehaus

1714 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77098


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"Trash and Treasure since 1947," the slogan for Antique Warehaus, says it all. The Montrose-based dive is stacked from dirty floor to raftered ceiling with everything from leather couches and ottomans to flatware and glassware, lamps, old cameras, bar stools and picture frames. It's the city's best, most affordable and unpretentious antiques store.

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If you want eclectic, unusual, interesting, and diverse, it doesn't get better than this off-beat, old fashioned junk shop.Thing is when you get inside you realize it is much, much more.New leather furniture, contemporary coffee tables,king and queen size bedroom suites,counter-height dining tables,entertainment centers,chandeliers,mirrors, lamps, beer steins,old guns and knives,walking sticks,and a bevy of other stuff. Being in business a long, long time has its advantages, and these guys have it all.