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Best Auto Mechanic Houston 2007 - Shepherd Square Tire & Auto

Shepherd Square Tire & Auto

2036 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77098


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We know a driver who fell victim to one of Houston's notorious potholes, leaving half the front underside of his car dragging ominously. He took it to the nearest garage, where they helpfully jury-rigged a solution but told him to get a permanent fix at his regular mechanic. So he took it to Shepherd Square Tire & Auto, near Shepherd and Westheimer. They took a look at it and said they could replace the jury-rigging with factory parts and charge $300 or so, but it wouldn't be any better than what was on there now. Three years later, he still hasn't had any problems. The guys at Shepherd Square are straight-shooters who won't try to upsell you and will do the work they promise at the price they promise. An oil change brings with it an inspection of your car that's not designed to bilk you but to keep you safe. Plus, it's right next door to the Brown Bag Deli, so waiting for the work to be done is a snap.

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auto repair Katy
auto repair Katy

being on the top is on of the best feeling as an Auto mechanic.

Kim Brooks
Kim Brooks

For future reference, it would be nice for the best of services that a zip code would be given so that future customers could mapquest if needed to receive such good services. Thank You in advance