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Best Baklava Houston 2007 - Phoenicia Specialty Foods

They bake seven varieties of baklava fresh every day at Phoenicia. There are Turkish ground-walnut triangles that ooze honey with every bite. And then there are the large Turkish cream and orange blossom syrup-filled baklava that taste a little like phyllo dough éclairs. The Persian baklava is layered with a heavenly filling of aromatic ground cardamom. And the richest of all may be the ones stuffed with ground pistachios and orange blossom syrup. But the bakery is only a tiny part of the whole Phoenicia experience. There's a meat market, a kebab-rotisserie chicken stand and a huge deli case, too. The choices of salamis, olives and dried fruits are unrivaled. And the European preserves, Asian lentils and legumes, and exotic spices are astonishing. But it's the prices that are the biggest shock – about half of what you pay elsewhere.

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I used to go to this store regularly and spend quite a bit of money there each visit. One day, I saw something run fast around the check out counter. I wasn't sure if it was a mouse at first. At another occasion, last month, my husband saw a mouse by the olive section. In addition, some of their products go bad way before the expiration date. Some products do not even have expiration dates. I no longer visit this store and do not recommend it to others.