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Best Breakfast Houston 2007 - New York Coffee Shop

New York Coffee Shop

New York Coffee Shop

9724 Hillcroft

Houston, TX 77096


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The location next door to New York Bagels, the best bagel bakery in town, gives this New York-style coffee shop a major advantage over other breakfast venues — if you like bagels. These bagels at New York Coffee Shop aren't just fresh, they're hot out of the oven. And they come in such favorite flavors as onion, sesame, poppy, salt and pumpernickel. Try a bialy! It's an onion bagel without a hole. The egg-and-bagel breakfast with home fries is a bargain at under $4. The scrambled eggs and caramelized onions with salty lox or milder Nova Scotia smoked salmon are a favorite for exiled New Yorkers. And the fish platter is sensational for those who like smoked salmon and raw onions for breakfast. The service is excellent. And the interior, with its dated wallpaper, worn Formica tables and cramped booths, is as authentically generic as a coffee shop in Manhattan.

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This has been a favorite for decades. Why is it best breakfast? Why is it more than just bagels? Because it's good food at a good price. No. Really.

Pastrami omelettes, fresh bagels, good strong coffee and efficient waitstaff. You'll impress your friends who are food savy because the place delivers. You'll impress your friends who are cost-concious because they don't charge french-chef prices for an egg dish with "ette" in the name.


umm ok, how can a bagel shop be considered BEST BREAKFAST?!

it's bagels. there's more to breakfast than bagels! i don't even like bagels but i love breakfast!

maybe you should add a bagel category and pick a REAL breakfast place. i know we don't have that much to choose from but it all beats a "bagel" shop!


Our experience at the Grove today can only be described as laughably awful. We arrived, on this Tuesday morning at 11:30 with high spirits, buoyed by the lofty descriptions of the restaurant and its credentialed chef and owners...ready for a terrific dining experience. What we got, was a two hour ordeal with a waiter who seemed to have no idea of what was expected of him, whether it was to keep water glasses filled, or anything associated with waiting a table. The two hour wait was particularly astonishing since I had ordered the special of the day(two tacos) and my friends each had ordered simple salads. After we were finally served, and called for the check, our waiter informed me that there was a dessert included in the special. I explained that I didn't want it...that we just wanted to leave. But instead, after several minutes of debate in the kitchen, I was brought the dessert in a to-go box. To add to all this, the food was absolutely mediocre, not at all what the chef has produced in his former tenure at 17. The salads were overladen with dressing, although we had all asked for dressing on the side and the tacos were limp, the shrimp filling nondescript. Our suggestion if you still want to give them a shot at your business...wait a few months until the Grove can get it together...hire and train a wait staff, and install quality control in the kitchen.


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