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Best Burger Joint Houston 2007 - Armadillo Palace

The walls are covered with buffalo heads, cowboy memorabilia and giant photos of Jim Goode's chuck-wagon cooking team. The live music comes from Texas singer/songwriters, and the ice-cold draft comes in frozen cannonball schooners. The bar stools are shaped like saddles, and the bartenders spin the longnecks around one finger before they open them, just like Buffalo Bill used to spin his six-shooter around one finger before blowing the smoke out of the barrel. And it's amazing what a massive dose of unabashed Texana does for the flavor of a classic Texas burger. Oddly, Armadillo Palace's burger utterly outclasses the one at Goode Company's burger joint across the street. It's a half-pound of fresh-ground USDA Choice sirloin, and it's extremely juicy if you request it medium-rare. Add cheese or guacamole for 75 cents, bacon or venison chili for 95 cents. READERS' CHOICE (tie): Beck's Prime, Christian's Tailgate Grill & Bar

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David H
David H

Beck\'s is OK and Christian\'s Tailgate makes a good burger but there are none better than the Armadillo Burger at the Armadillo Palace. I live about 20 miles north of Houston and will make a special trip to get the Armadillo Burger. It\'s basted with BBQ sauce then topped with saut� mushrooms, bacon, caramelized onions and aged white cheddar. My mouth is watering from just thinking about it. Treat yourself. You won\'t be disappointed.


My wife and I went here after reading the review in the Best Of. We were very disappointed with our experience. The burgers were dry and salty. The service was the worst part, it seemed that our waitress was never around, or busy looking in the mirror. We'll never go back...