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Best Comeback Houston 2007 - Armandos



2630 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77098


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The new Armandos is even better than the original. That's because it's been reincarnated in the former location of the River Oaks Grill. What a place to dunk tortilla chips in chili con queso! The walls are elegantly paneled, the doorways are set off by lavish carved arches and the main dining room is decorated with huge framed mirrors. The carpets on the floor are so plush that you want to take your shoes off. And after a few of the signature "Armandos Margaritas," you just might. In the 1980s, the original Armandos on Shepherd developed a reputation for its potent margaritas. The first question asked about the new Armandos is: "Are the margaritas as strong as they used to be?" The answer is an emphatic "yes." How strong are they? One society girl lamented, "After two margaritas at Armandos, you wake up naked in somebody's swimming pool."

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When I read reviews about how Armando is trying to keep his new biz up by having local celebs play host/hostess...I read the reviews on B4UEat I was sick when I read how people would save up for a dinner at Armandos only to think they would have a chance to catch his eye and be asked how their meal was or if anything could be gotten for them..I then read that he only talks to and schmoozes with people he knows...How arrogant of him. The people who said this said they could justify the high prices of marguaritas but to meet him would have made the trip worthwhile. Or to acknowledge he has other patrons. Word gets out and new people won't bother going there.How sad he only relates to wealthy people> I think he doesn't want to be reminded of his own growing up.Or how he struggled when his other restaurants failed.