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Best Comfort Food Houston 2007 - Mama's Oven

Mama\'s Oven

Mama's Oven

9295 S. Main

Houston, TX 77025


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Readers' Choice: 59 Diner

Comfort food can be a lot of things to a lot of different people, depending on their childhood. However, if your idea of familiar fare is oxtail, rice, cornbread, macaroni and cheese with sweetened ice tea, then welcome to Mama's Oven. A hole-in-the-strip-mall kinda place, Mama's offers meat and two sides. Items include oxtail, meat loaf, smothered pork chops and turkey wings (suck it, vegetarians). If you actually have room for dessert, there's peach cobbler with a double portion option. You can get chitterlings with a side of broccoli-rice casserole on Sundays. Oh, man — after-church Sundays at this place...good luck with that!

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Donny Wallace
Donny Wallace

If you are isolating yourself to the Montrose crowd and then trips to places like Austin, San Fran and say Amsterdam/Stockholm and you don\'t do upper Westheimer/Voss then I recommend Demeris BBQ. The sides are good and the Apple Pie is good. Me I already was going to Baker\'s but it closed on me for several days so I will tolerate the non-Montrose crowd and make the trip again. Some of us aren\'t afraid to venture out. You know what they say- seek and ye shall find....